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This platform is dedicated to youth to voice out their opinions, debate, reflect, and most importantly, let their ideas be heard. All publications in this section are written by young individuals, mostly university students, in their own un-edited voices. You may choose to publish a paper you have worked on as part of your studies or simply choose an issue that catches your attention and reflect upon it in an article of your own.

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Achieving Gender Equality (SDG 5): A Better Future For Women & Rising Generations

A fundamental aspect of achieving gender equality has always been providing equal rights to men and women. Despite seeing some progress towards achieving this goal, women and girls still face discrimination and rights violations every day and are still being disadvantaged compared to men worldwide, explaining why it is still one of the Sustainable Development Goals to be achieved.

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Gender Equality and Care Work

Labor done out of love, or “care work”, does not mean that it is not work and that it should not be acknowledged; on the contrary, it should be valued and counted. As a result, care should not be considered simply a burden, and this key activity for well-being should be shared among men and women, as well as between the family and the state.

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Children Upbringing in the MENA Region Subconsciously Fuels Patriarchy

In this paper, the forceful actions of parents driven by patriarchal violence during their children’s upbringing will not be discussed, but rather, the light will be shed on the daily events that take place in children’s life in MENA region that are the result of their parent’s subconscious and implicit support of patriarchy.

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I know that I know nothing, that’s what he once said.

I was thinking, all my life, that I have the ability to keep my ideas together, to marshal them, to get meaning out of them forcefully. Yet, what was perplexing me is that there’s not enough time to get more ideas, to quench the thirst of my mind, to alleviate the excitement of my inner tide.

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The Beast

There was a time I believed hearts naturally pour and plunge into pools of love,
There was a time my eyes saw the world in a rose-colored light,
There was a time I sang paper moon songs and danced to their polka tunes,
There was a time my wide eyed zeal for life was gigantic to the point
That I almost got blinded by its incandescent paper lights.
There was a time I truly believed in the kindness of human hearts.

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Poem Analysis

In “Revolt Against The Sun”, Nazik al-Mala’ika expressed her thoughts about women of the Middle East and South Africa region through her exceptional poetic capability to create such a piece of art. A naïve examination reflects this poem as if a burst of emotions without any intention more meaningful, deeper intention. However, a thorough analysis reflects a tremendous liberating derive depicted in Nazik’s self-description.

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