Our Team

Lina Abou-Habib

Director & Gender Project Co-Director of the MEPI-TLS Program at AUB

Lina Abou-Habib is a feminist activist and researcher with a long career working with local, regional, and international institutions including the Royal Tropical Institute on gender mainstreaming and feminist activism. She has designed, implemented, and led multi-year gender equality initiatives including training, research, and community actions, and served on many local and international boards including AWID where she served as the Board Secretary and Chair from 2008 to 2012. Abou-Habib is a member of the editorial committee of the Gender and Development journal and serves on the Board of Haven for Artists. She also designs and teaches a number of undergraduate gender courses at AUB.

Hala Yanni

Finance and Grants Manager

Hala Yanni manages the administrative and financial matters of the Asfari Institute, including budgeting, financial reporting, systemizing office logistics, and University liaison. She is directly responsible for all the financial matters of the office, including the recording and tracking of grants and their proposals. She monitors and coordinates the administration of post-award grants to ensure that budgeting and administrative policies, procedures, allowable and non-allowable costs, reporting, and funding agency requirements are being followed.

Prior to joining the Asfari Institute, Ms. Yanni served as a Financial Analyst at the Office of Financial Planning at AUB (2013-2014); Executive Officer at the Vice President for Facilities at AUB (2012-2013); Internal Auditor at BLOM Bank (2008-2012); Administrative Officer at the Auxiliary Services at AUB (2004-2008); and External Auditor at KPMG (2002-2004). Ms. Yanni received her MBA with an emphasis in internal audit from the Lebanese American University (LAU) in 2010.

Fatima Nasser

Administrative Officer

Fatima Nasser graduated from AUB with a MA in Public Administration focusing on Consultancy Management and Public Policy. Her thesis was on “Women Leadership in Disaster Management: Case of Beirut Blast”. She has a BA in Public Administration from AUB. Nasser has received Erasmus+ Staff training certification on Celebrating 50 years of Inclusivity and Sustainability in International Education at the University of Limerick in Ireland (2022).

Before joining the Asfari Institute, she was an intern at the Issam Fares Institute (2017-2018) and World Vision (2017-2018). Nasser received two training workshop certifications on Innovation and Entrepreneurship with Nawaya-UNICEF and the Switchmed Program. She has also worked as a part-time work-study student in several departments at AUB and AUBMC (2015-2018).

Carla Akil

Senior Research Assistant

Carla Akil is a feminist researcher, project coordinator, and certified gender trainer who has extensive experience in advocacy for gender equality, including developing and implementing social media campaigns as well as organizing and moderating webinars. Her research work is focused on women’s rights and gender equality in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, including internalized misogyny, feminist funding narratives, and feminist collective action. Carla completed a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the American University of Beirut in 2021 and the Professional Development Programme for Gender Trainers at KIT Royal Tropical Institute in 2022.

Sarah Al Bouery

Senior Research Assistant

Sarah Al Bouery has collected experience from all non-profit, public and private sectors, particularly serving as a research associate at the Institute of Finance at the Ministry of Finance, working in private consultancies, and taking part in non-profit training and research work. She is a recipient of multiple awards such as the MEPI-TLG award, the USAID award, and the USP Excellence award. She has also presented her research work at multiple international conferences, such as the IAPSS World Congress and the AUB-Bobst Princeton Initiative conference.

Islam Elrabieey

Senior Researcher & Consultant

Islam ElRabieey is a senior researcher–consultant in political sociology. He was a senior researcher at Adalah Center for Rights and Freedoms (Egypt). He wrote several reports on human rights in Egypt; criminal justice, free trials, places of detention, and capital punishment. He holds an M.A. in Human Rights and Democracy from Saint Joseph University in Beirut. He has published several research articles on Transnational Social Movements in Egypt, Lebanon, and Tunisia. He works at the Institute on the program: Beyond the Pandemic: Structure of Opportunities and Challenges for Transforming Arab States and Civil Societies.

Marwan Issa

Research Assistant

Marwan Issa works on several programs at the Institute and coordinates projects with partner civil society organizations, particularly advocacy and activist groups. He is a writer and researcher specializing in sociopolitical analysis with a focus on Lebanon and Western Asia.

Wid Thani

Communications Consultant

Wid Thani is a feminist activist who has worked with several NGOs, including as a board member of Mino Ung Aarhus where she worked with the engagement of ethnic minorities in Denmark, and has spoken at several events about minority rights in the country. Wid has a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from Aarhus University and is now pursuing her Master’s degree in International Security and Law at the University of Southern Denmark. She is currently writing her thesis on the UN 1325 Resolution on Gender, Peace, and Security, taking a local feminist critical perspective on the resolution and its implementation in Lebanon and Iraq. 

On secondment 

Vanessa Zammar

Research Assistant

Vanessa Zammar is a researcher at the Asfari Institute, a Sociology graduate student at the American University of Beirut, a period poverty activist, and co-founder of Jeyetna, a feminist collective based in Lebanon. She is currently writing her thesis about women’s strategies within the Lebanese sectarian and patriarchal legal and bureaucratic systems. Mixed-heritage daughter of the diaspora, she was born and raised in Switzerland and settled in Lebanon in 2018 to volunteer with Palestinian and Syrian women in a school. This experience steered her interest in how women go about xenophobic and sexist legal/bureaucratic systems. Her feminist perspective is one based on intersectional political solidarity & sisterhood and this is how she addresses the fight against period poverty.

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