Policy Brief: Setting an Inclusive Framework for Human Security & Social Justice within the IMF and GoL Restructuring and Reform Plan: Education an Equalizer and Enabler


This policy brief urges Lebanese policymakers to recognize and address the education crisis in the country, which is being amplified by its current multifaceted economic and social challenges. Prioritizing the protection of the education sector, particularly for vulnerable groups such as women and girls, is critical to prevent its collapse under possible austerity measures associated with International Monetary Fund (IMF) intervention. The brief strongly recommends policy reforms that ensure adequate social safeguards, promote transparency and accountability, and support the restructuring of public finances. The brief underscores the necessity of cooperation between the government, civil society, and international donor community, encouraging increased investment in education infrastructure. Drawing from examples in Tunisia and Jordan, the brief cautions against austerity measures that negatively impact education and widen social and gender disparities. Policymakers are implored to uphold education as an equalizer and enabler, securing its role in fostering long-term sustainable recovery, social peace, and economic development in Lebanon. 

Author: ​Sarah Al Bouery

Publication date: 2023

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