Decolonizing Knowledge & Institutions: Towards a Rethinking of Feminist Knowledge Production


The concept of intersectionality and the vibrancy of intersectional feminist movements have opened up a space to discuss who were the leading voices within academic circles.  From these discussions emerged a growing criticism of the centrality of white supremacy, heteronormativity and ableism, with academics of color and queer and crip researchers and academics denouncing the bypassing and deprioritizing of their analysis and voices.  The decolonization of knowledge and academia is now a common topic for discussion, even by mainstream academic institutions, and runs the risk of being depoliticized, in the same way intersectionality is being depoliticized by the neo-liberal system of mainstream academia.  

As such, the Asfari Institute for Civil Society and Citizenship organized the event “Decolonizing Knowledge & Institutions: Towards a Rethinking of Feminist Knowledge Production” on November 24, 2022 to create a space to discuss the impact of oppressive and discriminatory social systems on BIPOC, queer and crip researchers, to provide a platform for these academics and researchers to share their experience navigating mainstream academic spaces and institution, and to explore practical ways of meaningfully and politically decolonizing academia. During this event, we reflected on how we can harness the collective political power of intersectional, decolonial, indigenous, queer, feminist, and racial justice movements and translate it into a profound transformation of the way we apprehend, express, and share knowledge.

Meet the speakers and moderators


  • Paola Salwan Daher, Urgent Action Fund Board Member


  • Dr. Charlotte Puiseux, Doctor of Philosophy, Member of Les Dévalideuses, and of Association Handiparentalité
  • Amal Charif, Creative Designer, Founder and Managing Director of HalTek, Disability Advocate, and Polio Survivor
  • Dr. Vivienne Badaan, Assistant Professor of Psychology at the American University of Beirut
  • Dr. Leigh Ann Naidoo, Senior Lecturer at the University of Cape Town

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