The Workshop on War Economy / Reconstruction Economy in Syria


On the 2nd of March 2019, the Asfari Institute for Civil Society and Citizenship organized a workshop entitled “War Economy / Reconstruction Economy in Syria” as part of its project: “The Lay of the Land: A Social Mapping of the Daily Practices in Informality Amongst Syrian Displaced Communities in Lebanon”, funded by the Ford Foundation.

This workshop was organized to fulfill the goals of the project, which are to “engage with the Syrian displacement academic debate, offering a more nuanced fact based analysis about realities on the ground.” By inviting practitioners and scholars from Syria and the region, the workshop aimed to cover the broad facts and realities of the war economy in Syria, looking at service provision, the major structures and actors operating during reconstruction process. The workshop also covered current debates and perspectives on reconstruction, drawing from the standpoints of the biggest actors in Syria, such as Iran and Russia and the host communities such as the European Union and Lebanon.

Author: Manar Fleifel

Publication Date: 2019

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