Feminism in Crisis? Gender and the Arab Public Sphere Conference

In the midst of geopolitical and economic crises sweeping the region, and between state feminism’s lip service to women’s rights on one hand and the NGOization of activism and political participation on the other, this conference asks: what can feminism accomplish?


  • Carmen Geha, Assistant Professor of Public Administration
  • Sara Mourad, Assistant Professor of Media Studies
  • Rim Saab, Assistant Professor of Social Psychology

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This conference is generously funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the Asfari Institute ​for Civil Society and ​Citizenship, the Center for Arab and Middle Eastern​​ StudiesFAS Women and Gender Studies Initiative, and ​​the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung – ​Beirut Office


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Keynote Address: Hoda El Sadda

Keynote Address: Nadje Al Ali and Closing Remarks by Dr. Carmen Geha

Keynote Plenary Feminist Critique Pedagogy and Scholarship in Times of Crisis

Silencing and Recognition

Gender, Sexuality, and Public Health

Queer Kinship and Politics

Rhetorical Genres and the Limits of Feminist Activism

Gender, Militancy, and Radicalization

Intersectional Feminism Thought and Practice

Structural Barriers to Female Solidarity and Empowerment

Women’s Empowerment Institutional Approaches

Sexual Violence Strategies for Change and Containment

​Building Collective Power Lessons Learned in the Forming of a Feminist Bloc

Visual Culture of Comic Art

​Feminist Biography

Islamic feminism Contemporary Frameworks

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