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The Asfari Institute for Civil Society and Citizenship is a regional hub for a dynamic community of academics, practitioners, and civil society actors in exploring traditional and innovative forms of associational life and in advancing realistic solutions to the obstacles to effective civil society and citizenship in the Arab region. 



Book Discussion with Dr. Tania Haddad

Date: Wednesday, February 8, 2023
Time: 4:00 PM – 5:30 PM
Location: Conference Hall, 1st floor, Ayman and Sawsan Asfari Building, Residence 37

Join us on Wednesday, February 8, 2023, in a discussion with Dr. Tania Haddad on her latest book entitled “International and Local Actors in Disaster Response: Responding to the Beirut Explosion”, as well as Jacob Faber Silén, Sara Abu Zaki, and Cecile Khoury. The discussion will be moderated by Dr. Farès el-Dahah, Dean of Arts and Sciences at the American University of Beirut. This event will be held in person at the Conference Hall, 1st floor, Ayman and Sawsan Asfari Building on the AUB campus as well as online via Zoom. 

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16 Days of Activism 2022: GBV & Care Work

On November 25, 2022, the Asfari Institute kick-started its 16 days of activism campaign with a series of educational posts on Instagram that aimed at raising awareness of gender-based violence generally and care work specifically.


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Latest Op-Eds


The Impact of COVID-19 on Migrants, Refugees, and IDPs During the Libyan Conflict

The situation of refugees, migrants, and asylum seekers has always been horrific, specifically for those who are kept in detention centers. These centers are mostly run by human traffickers and gangs for profit purposes. All sort of human rights violations from sexual rape to electric shocks; however, the risk of contracting the virus was higher…

The Different Citizenships in Crisis-Ridden Lebanon

Marwan Issa The human rights-based definition of citizens as “legally recognized subjects having duties and rights” in the Lebanese context has long been challenged by historical, political, and ideological factors. These factors find roots in all levels of development (national, regional, and global) across various historical trends. More recently, the country’s crisis has accentuated sectoral…

Ammad—Lives Snuffed Out Behind Egyptian Bars

He could, and should, be alive now. If he had been transferred to the hospital sooner, if his cell had not been crammed to twice its capacity, if his cry for help had been answered with the requisite duty of care, and if monitoring of prison conditions was a sincere undertaking, rather than a tragi-comic…


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جرائم تزويج القاصرات…وضع مزري فاقمته الجائحة!

في الأعوام العشر الماضية، انخفضت نسبة الفتيات على مستوى العالم اللائي تزوجن قبل بلوغ سن 18 عامًا. خلال هذه الفترة تم تفادي حوالي 25 مليون زيجة. لكن مع الأسف هذا مكسب تعرض للتهديد على خلفية جائحة كوفيد-19.

أبناء الأردنيات: حتى المزايا لا تورث!

تُحل مشكلة المرأة من أبناء هذه الفئة عندما تُصبح تابعة لرجل أردني، أما ابن الأردنية، فليتزوج من يشاء، فإما سيُصبح أطفاله أجانب من الدرجة الأولى يحظون بخدمة تفضيلية و”مزايا”، أو سيصبحون أجانب تمامًا، ولكنهم أبدًا لن يصيروا مواطنين، وبطبيعة الحال يظل .هو خارج المعادلة

وباء على بلاء: اللجوء السوري وهيكلة اللاعدالة في الاستجابة للأوبئة وتغير المناخ

تلك السرديات الخاطئة تستمد شعبيتها من نزعات عنصرية وبنى اجتماعية ذكورية لطالما وجدت في الفئات المهمشة شماعة سهلة لرمي اللوم والتنفيس عن الاستياء والغضب العام. يضيق الأفق وينحصر الحديث في دول جوار سورية على اللاجئين واللاجئات، ويجتر الخطاب السياسي الحكومي والأبواق الإعلامية، التقليدية منها والجديدة، تحليلاً سياسياً كسولاً بعيداً عن المعلومات الدقيقة عن واقع سورية…


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Latest Publications


Domestic Work in Lebanon Post-2019: Reflections on Emerging Trends

This report is the result of collective work and cumulative thinking that happened over the course of two years among staff of the Anti-Racism Movement (ARM) and with members of the extremely diverse migrant communities in Lebanon, at a time when the country is witnessing an unprecedented decline from bad to worse. The information presented…

Advancing Arab Women’s Participation in Politics: Experiences and Journeys of Women Politicians from Lebanon and Syria 

Women in the MENA region are still fighting for their political agency in a patriarchal society which obscures their own right to participate and be politically influential. Women’s participation in the public sector and political power positions have not been achieved the desired level, although many measures have been adopted by a majority of MENA…

From Utopia to Reality: Human Rights Activism in Arab Countries

How did the transition in the nature and relevance of human rights actors in Arab countries take place and what does it mean? This paper attempts to answer this broad question while arguing that the hyper-legal language and framing of human rights as embodied in a body of international law and organizations are no longer…


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هل نتعلم الدرس؟: الجائحة في الأردن والسياسات الحكومية لمواجهتها والأثر على الفئات الأكثر ضعفًا

يحاول هذا التقرير إلقاء الضوء على السياسات التي اتبعتها الحكومة الأردنية خلال فترة الأزمة داخل القطاع الصحي وأثرها على المجتمع الأردني والمجتمعات اللاجئة وغيرها من الفئات الأكثر هشاشة، الذين كانوا بالكاد يتعايشون مع أوضاعهم قبل الجائحة، فاضطروا بعدها، شأنهم شأن نظرائهم في أغلب دول العالم، إلى المفاضلة بين الحفاظ على صحتهم وصحة مجتمعهم من جهة…

:ليست مجرد جائحة نظرة على الآثار الاقتصادية والاجتماعية لوباء كوفيد-١٩

شــبه الباحــث اللبنانــي كريــم نمــور فــي ورقتــه »غطرســة أجاممنــون عــام الثــورة والجائحــة واختطـاف الدولـة اللبنانيـة« الوضـع فـي لبنـان بالحملــة التــي قادهــا أجاممنــون فــي إليــاذة هوميــروس وغطرســته أثنــاء الحملــة علــى طـروادة والـذي انتهـى بـه الوضـع مقتـوًل علـى يـد زوجتـه كليتمنسـترا ألنـه ضحـى بإبتيهمـا فـي طريـق حملتـه إلـى طـروادة. يتسـآل نمـور »هـل ســيغدو ذلــك مصيــر أجاممنــون اللبنانــي…


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Latest Podcasts

Podcast with Maha Jouini

Maha Jouini is an entrepreneur, scientist, and author all at once. She pursued a degree in Artificial Intelligence from the Tianjin University of Technology and Education in China. After her journey in China, Maha moved to Mauritania to launch her start-up business in digital transformation. She recently published a book entitled “A Lover from Africa”.…

Podcast with Rania Harrara

Rania Harrara is an 18-year-old Moroccan girl who developed a passion for football. Facing many challenges, she established the Association de Football Feminin Casablancais (AFFC), a football association to empower young girls in football. She is also a member of Girl Up Morocco, which allowed her to further work on initiatives for female football athletes.…

Podcast with Rana Husseini

Rana Husseini is an award-winning Jordanian journalist with 25+ years of experience. In her work, she focuses on social issues with a special emphasis on violence against women, as well as the brutal crimes that are committed against Jordanian women in the name of family honor. In this podcast episode, we learn more about what…

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