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In partnership with Carnegie Corporation, this project wishes to explore how the COVID-19 pandemic and measures transform state-society relations in the Arab world, and generate empirical knowledge about the transformations of state-society relations in the Arab world.

In partnership with European Union and Arab Reform Initiative, this fellowship facilitates the effective participation of emerging women leaders and grassroots activists in political spheres from  Libya, Yemen, Syria, Palestine, and Iraq. It enables an inclusive women-owned homegrown approach and vision for feminist peace.

In partnership with Open Society Foundations, this project seeks to focus on the powerful, positive, and constructive aspect of the work of civil society groups in the MENA region, namely feminist activism and how it unfolded during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In partnership with Oxfam, this project works on supporting the youth in all their diversity in promoting awareness, homegrown knowledge production, best practice, culture shift, and positive public policies on sexual and reproductive health and rights.

The project aims at increasing women’s political and economic empowerment and representation in Lebanon through targeted advocacy and by identifying new political initiatives.

In partnership with University of Montreal, this project looks at the intersection of gender inequalities and the specific realities of migrant women in extended precarious life situations in Canada (Québec) and Lebanon.

This project plans to discuss and further develop the Amman Principles, help raise awareness of their importance, and advocate for their adoption.

In partnership with Malala Fund and Issam Fares Institute, this project aims to integrate social justice and human security lens into the IMF and the Lebanese Government reform plans, and promote education as a social equalizer.

In partnership with Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung’s Regional Gender and Feminism Office, this project involves developing a “Feminist Manifesto” to strengthen the feminist movement in the MENA region.

In partnership with Urgent Action Fund and FEMENA, this project hopes to give a platform for activists to raise their voices and connect with young Afghan students at the American University of Beirut.

In partnership with UNESCO and Issam Fares Institute, this project aims to transform positively the stereotypes of women’s career choices among young women through the wide dissemination of 15 Arab women’s life stories as their role models.

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