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Digital Activism and the Feminist Movement


In recent years, digital platforms have become a major tool for activists in the Middle East and a powerful way to express dissent, to disrupt and to organize. This relatively new form of activism, also known as digital activism, has proven to be effective in mobilizing a public opinion that is supportive to the goals and objectives of different campaigns. The act of using digital technologies such as phones or other internet- enabled devices “in campaigns for social and political change”, has been increasingly used by citizens across the world in recent years (Joyce 2010, vii). In his article, “Small Change”, author and theorist Malcolm Gladwell encourages us to “exploit the power of…distant connections [the connections made through social media] with marvelous efficiency” (Gladwell 2010). Combined with other digital platforms, these networks span the globe and bridge gaps like never before.

Author: Ghida Anani

Publication Date: 2019

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