Syrian Civil Society in Conflict and Post-Conflict Setting


The objective of the paper is to identify the main challenges and research priorities for civil society in Syria in the upcoming years. For such a purpose, the writer analyzes the past and current situation of Syria and adopts a holistic approach in his analysis of the material situation in Syria in order to suggest propositions of direction for the future. This paper should be seen as a work in progress to which other elements could be added as per any new happening on the political scene. The research paper is based on four main areas of research:

  1. Secure and viable conditions for the return of refugees and IDPs, and transitional justice
  2. Socio-economic developments and reconstruction
  3. Gender dynamics
  4. Sectarian and ethnic dynamics

Concluding, the research acknowledges that the Syrian civil society actors face many challenges and a very difficult situation for the future with the political evolutions in favor of the regime; nonetheless, it highlights that the documentation of the uprising that is unprecedented, surely offers a glimpse of hope in this regards.

Author: Joseph Daher

Publication Date: 2019

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